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Take Away Specials

What makes Thai Orchid Shepparton more than just a dining destination? It's a passport to a culinary adventure, and our menu is your itinerary. Allow us to be your culinary tour guides as we traverse the vibrant landscapes of Thai cuisine!

Enticing Entrées

Start your gastronomic expedition with our Spring Roll, a deep-fried delight filled with minced chicken, vermicelli, and mixed vegetables. For those craving a twist, the Curry Puff comes packed with spices and an explosion of flavors—think potato, carrot, onions, and curry powder all wrapped in golden pastry.

Soul-Satisfying Soups

Next, dive into the iconic Tom Yum soup, Thailand's most famous broth known for its medley of tomato, mushroom, galangal, and a dash of Tom Yum paste. It's a zesty, medium-hot bowl of comfort that can be tailored to your choice of vegetable, chicken, prawns, or seafood.

Stir-Fried Spectacles

For mains, choose from an array of Stir-Fried dishes, from the Sweet & Sour that bursts with fruity zest, to the Spicy Cashew with a nutty undertone, to the fiery Chilli for those who dare to test their spice tolerance. Our Basil Stir Fry is a crowd-pleaser, featuring the unique flavor of sweet basil combined with chili and mixed vegetables.

Curry Chronicles

Our Red and Green Curries vie for attention, offering either the smoky depth of red chili or the bright zing of its green counterpart. And don't forget the rich Massaman and Panang curries or the heat-packed Jungle Curry for those craving an authentic Thai experience.

Noodles & Rice

The Pad Thai, Thailand's beloved noodle dish, is a mainstay on our menu. However, if you're in the mood for rice, try our fried rice with egg, carrot, onion, and tomato—all customizable with your choice of meat.

Dessert Decadence

Wind down your meal with our Egg Custard and Sticky Rice, a sweet, chewy, and creamy confection that sums up the Thai Orchid experience in one perfect bite.

Take It To Go

If you're craving this diverse menu at home, we’ve got you covered! Visit to place your order and enjoy a Thai feast from the comfort of your home!

Book your culinary journey through Thai Orchid's menu now. Every dish is a chapter in a story that we can't wait for you to read. #ThaiOrchidShepparton #CulinaryJourney #ThaiCuisine

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